Nursery Organization: DIY Baby Closet Dividers {Free Printable}

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Newborn - 6T closet dividers. Free Printable! Downloadable via @poshlittle

I love having things labeled. Organized, divided and labeled. Not only are things easier to find, for me and the kids, they are also easier to put away. Back in October, I did a roundup of a handful of baby/kid closet dividers. At the time I was organizing my nursery closets so was searching online but ever since have had creating my own set of hanger dividers (and something that could double as labels for their boxed clothes) on my to-do list .

This idea is perfect for baby closets where you have a myriad of sizes and not always a myriad of space. They outgrow their clothes so fast, if you lose an outfit for even a few weeks, they may never wear it at all! Dividers are also great for growing kids that are in between sizes or siblings that have to share a closet. With 4 kids, all of these reasons apply for us.

Over the weekend I needed to make labels for the boxes of clothes the kids were both outgrowing and growing into. I need bright and bold colorful cards with really big letters attached to each container so I could see what each box was from the back the of my giant closet. My older daughters, who share a closet, also needed some dividers to organize their dresses.

So, it was time to scratch this project off the to-do list and get it added to my free printables.

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

I didn't have card stock but I had a ton of photo paper so I designed these hanging closet dividers to print on 4 x 6 inch photo paper. I think they turned out stunning and I'm really excited to share my DIY project and offer my templates for you to download, print and find the organizing fanatic in you! {or slightly inspired, part-time fanatic}.

To start you'll want to grab the baby or toddler closet divider templates from the download/printables section. Each individual template is based on common sizes (NB, 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m...2T,3T and so on). Click on the size you want to print and it'll open up a PDF file for you to print. Of course your printer options/settings will vary but here are a few things I did:

  • I was viewing the PDF in IE9 so the print icon was at the top of the page (in Firefox I had to right click on the template and select print from the pop-up menu)
  • I clicked the Page Setup button (bottom left) and chose Borderless 4 x 6in. for the size and changed the Paper Source to the photo tray (if your printer has a photo tray)
  • Keep it on the Portrait setting (not landscape)
  • I printed using a draft option to save on ink (Printer Properties button; Print Quality)
  • It took me a couple tries to get it right... mostly because I was messing with too many settings. Borderless 4 x 6 was really all I had to change to get it right.

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

Once you've got the sizes you need printed, just cut along the colored line and cut out the center circle. Hang them right on the bar or you can place it on a hanger if you prefer.

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

Free Printable Baby/Toddler/Kid Closet Dividers via @poshlittle (NB-6T)

When your done with the tag as a divider, cut off the white hanging space and tape it to the storage box. Viola!

Download the free closet label divider printable templates here.


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    Sara Graham Sunday, February 23 2014

    these are awesome!!! Thanks so much!

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    Kiss Monday, August 25 2014

    I love this idea; however where do you go to get the template?

  • Karen {Posh Little Admin}
    Karen {Posh Little Admin} Tuesday, August 26 2014

    One of the links was broken in the post. I've fixed it and added 'Download Here' link at the end of the post as well. All can be found in the Printable category (from the main menu).

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